Finding free and low-cost mental health education and resources can be a tedious task, so we compiled this culturally-competent list!  


The unfortunate thing about mental illness that it is "invisible" to those who are not experiencing it.  This causes a lack of understanding, attempts to minimize the pain that people living with mental illness go through, adding to stigma, and a host of other negative implications.  Not everyone's experiences are the same but they should all be offered the same level of respect and support. Check out these videos to gain a better understanding of what living with a mental illness feels like.


*Please note that these videos are not generalizations.  They are based on the life experiences of our Founder, Tarrin Morgan II. *



YOU GOOD? WITH MIKE BROWN: A MENTAL HEALTH PODCAST is a weekly podcast attempting to destigmatize conversations about mental health hosted by comedian Mike Brown.


Each episode Mike shares his journey maintaining mental wellness and is frequently joined by artists to share their stories.


It is presented by Mike Brown and Loud Speakers Network.