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Video producer, graphic designer, digital strategist, and virtual event producer, Tarrin Morgan creates with a purpose. A proud mental health advocate, Tarrin uses his passion for suicide prevention/awareness as a catalyst. His own experience with depression and suicidal ideation exposed his purpose, and his vision shifted as his creativity began to focus on mental health for the Black community. This shift inspired the establishment of the Real Talk Session Series, LLC. (RTSS) in 2017. With RTSS he has merged his professional background in higher education and zeal for mental health, to make a positive impact on education reform, criminal justice reform, and mental health awareness. Aware of the stigma that mental health carries amongst people of color, RTSS looks to explore ways it can educate these communities, and specifically Black men.


Since 2007, Tarrin has sharpened his craft with a past internship at Hot 97, developing visual assets for Fairleigh Dickinson University, Morgan State University, NAMI NJ (National Alliance on Mental Illness), and a host of freelance work. He continues to use his experience to provide a range of services for large organizations and up and coming fellow artists and entrepreneurs. Labeling his times of creation “therapeutic”, Tarrin remains inspired knowing that his videography and graphics will be utilized to benefit communities of color and more. You can be sure to find him collaborating with other like-minded creators, behind the video camera lens, or graphic designing for RTSS and beyond. 


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