• Len Mora

18 year old billed $2,500 in NJ for BLM Protest

Emily Gil (18) organized a protest back on July 25th for Black Lives Matter and affordable housing in Englewood Cliffs. Later in August, she was sent a bill ($2,499.26) by Mayor Mario Kranjac for the extra police presence.

According to the Mayor, he was informed: “that all private events requiring police

overtime should be paid for by the organizers.” Private events like running races, NOT protests. Kranjac later rescinded the bill, giving this statement to CBS2: “The bill was mistakenly issued based on advice I received from our Borough Administrator who I understand consulted the Borough Attorney. I was told that all private events requiring police overtime should be paid for by the organizers. That advice was incorrect.”

“I have researched the issue further with my own counsel and it is clear that the exercise of Constitutional Rights are treated

differently when it comes to Borough

administration and billing. I always want to make certain that everyone’s Constitutional Rights are fully respected. We will have to adjust the Borough’s ordinances accordingly to ensure this never happens again.”

He gave no apology and took none of the blame, pointing fingers to others in the

Borough's administration. The Borough administrator outright denies giving said advice and sent the bill/letter to Gil due to the Mayor's orders.


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